07 Sep Tips: Planning the Ultimate Team Building Event

Here’s the challenge you’re currently faced with: you’ve got a group of people (perhaps conference attendees who’ve never met before, or employees who need some motivation), and you need to plan the perfect team building event to bring them together. Right?

Now, we know that’s no mean feat. All sorts of issues can crop up when you’re planning something for a group of people. Will they all enjoy it? Will they all take part in it? And will they all gain something from the experience?

Well, at Outdoor Living we understand those challenges all too well – and we specialise in solving them! Our decades of experience have made us one of Malta’s most established team building companies, and we’re thrilled to share some of what we’ve learnt with you.

So, these are our tips for organising a flawless team-building event:

  •  Remember the Point. If you’re organising a team-building event, then there’s probably a reason behind it. Perhaps you’ve merged two companies together, or have added new staff members to the team. Or, perhaps, you simply feel that your team could benefit from some time out of the office and the acquisition of new skills. Whatever the core reason, keep that in mind throughout the planning, as it will prove useful when selecting the type of activity and the results you want to secure.
  • Plan, Plan, Plan. One of the key things to keep in mind is that you need to plan for every eventuality. Is the location big enough for the activity? Is it too big? Do you have an indoor back-up if the weather changes? Is everything timed correctly and on-hand? Try to run through as many ‘what ifs’ as possible, to guarantee all your bases are covered.
  • Think Outside the Box. When it comes to the type of team building activity you could choose, the options are endless. PushIt? Film Your Own Ad? Beat the Box? Whatever you hope to achieve, you can be sure there will be an activity to match. A professional team building company can help to bridge that gap, and also ensure you have all the plans and props in place for it to go off without a hitch.
  • Have Ground Rules. Whatever activity you opt for will need to have a set of rules around it. Can participants use their mobile phones during the day? Do they need to communicate in a particular way? Do they need to be timely, or to use particular skills? While the emphasis should, of course, be on having fun, it’s also important that everyone knows their boundaries so they can make informed choices and gain the most from the experience.
  • Do a Debrief. Yes you want everyone to have a great time and to go home motivated and on a high, but that doesn’t mean you want them to forget the point. After every activity we recommend a final ‘debrief’, wherein you run through the day and extract the lessons to be learnt. We recommend letting your participants lead the talk so they can detail what they saw, heard, learned and felt through the sessions, and what skills they plan to take away. It’s very informative and can really help to drive your message home.


While all of the above will certainly help you to plan a fantastic event, you could also take all the heat off and let us plan it for you! For more information about  Outdoor Living and the range of fantastic team building activities we can plan for you, get in touch on info@outdoorlivingmalta.com

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