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01 Sep They Beat the Box

Here at Outdoor Living, nothing gives us more satisfaction than watching a ‘group’ transform into a team – and, luckily, it’s the sort of sight we witness on a very regular basis!

One recent example took place just a few weeks ago. We’d been asked by a cBeat the Box 3orporate client to create a team-building activity that was dynamic, challenging and, most of all, fun. They wanted something that would really test their limits, impart new skills and empower them to think outside the box – so what better activity than our popular Beat the Box?

The great news? They LOVED it!

Beat the Box is one of our most popular team building challenges. Full of mystery and intrigue, it starts with a cryptic video message before each mini-team is faced with a metal box. But what does the metal box behold, and how can the team strive towards victory? All will be revealed.

A bit like the popular Escape Room challenges, Beat the Box is all about cracking a secret c
ode to stop the countdown – and secure freedom! The thing is that a lot of teamwork is required as the many participants pool their skills to get the job done. It truly is a zany, exciting and startling activity that quickly has everyone on their toes and eager to find the solution.

Beat the Box is a flexible activity for between 25 and 300 people. Ideally spread over half a day, it can also be paired down to fit into a conference schedule, perhaps as the end-of-day activity, or as the ultimate after-lunch energiser.

“I believe Beat the Box to be one of the best team-building activities out there because it gets people from all over the room to talk, interact and collaborate in ways they probably haven’t before. It’s also very different to other team-building events,” says our director, Danica Fava. “International offices can even play the game over video calls, thus Beat the Box2adding a whole other ‘getting to know you’ twist to it.”

At Outdoor Living we’re proud to have held this activity on numerous occasions – every time with fantastic results. Our flexible conditions mean we can organise this activity to suit a variety of time frames and locations – we can even organise the activity in your office and can combine it with other activities.

So, do you think your team can crack the code? Consider Beat the Box for your next team building event!

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