Toy Factory

About This Project

Provided with a mixed bag of whacky wooden parts teams are challenged to combine components and produce a range of high quality children’s toys. Three-dimensional blueprints guide participants through the process and detail a whole gamut of toy designs. Once quality checked, the toys are then creatively decorated with brand colours. Teams then design innovative educational games using the toys. A fun informal finale allows each team to take the stage and show off their game & creations.


Teams experience creating efficient production lines and quality control systems to achieve customer satisfaction in a fun, inspiring way. Team dynamics come into play as all individuals must be involved in a productive way for group success. The toys and any game material are donated to a local children’s charity, school or home of your choice.

In a nutshell

Teams focus on efficiency and creativity as they build a process, build a team and help a child in need.

Corporate Social Responsibility