The Code

About This Project

Small teams are presented with a book full of codes, a map of the area and a code wheel. Using different codes such as the pigpen code and the morse code together with the code wheel, teams must unlock clues that will lead them from one location to the next until they get to the final destination. Along the way, teams will meet undercover agents who provide them with further clues, allowing them to complete their challenge.


Points are awarded depending on the number of correct questions answered and the most creative use of problem solving. Bonus points are also awarded to the team that manages to get to the treasure chest first. This superb event requires the use of creative thinking, instruction following and team work. With the clock ticking, teams must make quick decisions that could result in them becoming the winning team of cryptologists. This is no imitation game, this is the real thing!

In a nutshell

Break the code and get to the treasure chest first in this mind-boggling and high-octane game of intelligence, espionage and hidden treasure!