Poker Run at Sea

About This Project

Step into the exciting and exhilarating lifestyle of an international spy as you place your chips on this superb, fast-paced, water-based team building event! The Poker Run at Sea is a fun, high-stakes treasure hunt with a twist: teams have a powerboat at their disposal, as well as their very own James Bond to race them at speed from point to point during the challenge, arriving at each destination shaken but not stirred and ready for action! Armed with essential international espionage equipment including a clue book, a digital camera and the necessary documents required to complete the challenges, teams must board their powerboats and head towards a series of locations that are indicated in their clue book.


Missions vary from cryptic clues and team challenges, to undercover photo missions and daring scavenger hunts. Each mission is specifically designed by ‘M’ to ensure that teams employ a wide range of skills throughout the day. The world is not enough in this high-adrenaline activity that allows teams to experience Malta’s beautiful shoreline whilst exploring its historical and cultural treasures. From Malta with love and a licence to thrill!

In a nutshell

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