Jeep Quest

About This Project

Our Jeep Treasure Hunt is a wonderful way of exercising your ability to work together as a team whilst allowing participants to discover points of interest across the island of Malta. It provides an unusual, off-the-beaten-track glimpse of the Maltese islands in a short span of time.


Participants are split into teams of 5-6 and each team is assigned a 4×4 jeep.
Teams are also supplied with question sheets, a digital camera, a map and writing utensils. They must then drive around, seeking out clues, taking photos and winning points.


The clues can be as challenging as you wish and the entire event can be modified to fit into a larger or smaller area of the island. Successful completion of the day will depend upon teamwork, keen observation and creativity, not to mention driving!

In a nutshell

If time is at a premium, then this event is the perfect balance of adventure and time efficiency.