In the Footsteps of the Knights

About This Project

Valletta, Malta’s capital city, was built by the French Grand Master La Valette and reflects some of Malta’s rich heritage of archaeology, history, architecture, art and culture. Set in this wonderful Baroque city, this event is a different and fun way of experiencing Valletta’s historical treasures whilst exercise your ability to work together as a team!


Delegates participate in small teams, each with the task of searching Valletta’s streets for animators who will give them further information about the locations they will be visiting. Teams are also given a digital camera which they must employ to complete photo challenges along the way to win extra points.


This unique treasure hunt is an original and fun way of exploring Valletta’s historical treasures. Apart from being quite possibly the only treasure hunt to take place in a UNESCO World Heritage site, it is also a great event that exercises people’s ability to work together as a team. Honour and nobility await those who follow in the footsteps of the Knights!

In a nutshell

A journey across time in a magnificent city…