Go Team Remote

About This Project

With each participant utilizing their own smart device, virtual teams will access our high-tech APP which drives game play. Teams will be formed (operating as “houses” or “clans”) while each participant will be responsible for their own game play.  The objective is to complete as many activities as possible in the time frame and thus score as many points as possible for your team. The team with the most points at the end of play will be crowned champions.

Incorporating a range of creative, active, and cerebral style challenges, the key to success will be communication and of course strategy as teams race the clock to complete as many challenges as possible! Participants will quickly realize the value of the team in order to accelerate performance.

In a nutshell

Connect your people, build your sense of team & drive organisational engagement regardless of geographical limitations! This Remote Team Challenge is specifically designed to boost virtual teams – smart event, smart app, smart team!

Activities for Remote Teams