Boom Time

About This Project

Participants create unified music with a lightweight, hollow, colour-coded plastic tube called a Boomwhacker which are tuned to musical pitches by length. Participants follow a high-tech visual interface which guides them in collaborating to generate an firey symphony of music. Participants strike their tubes creating musical notes when a coloured block hits a key in the visual interface. As the event progresses, the pace and complexity grow; blocks move faster and teams respond more vigorously to keep the rhythm building to an uplifting crescendo.


Boom Time has proven success worldwide in igniting conferences and generating a sense of excitement and unity in a team. Requiring involvement from all individuals and collaboration as a group, this team building activity nurtures openness and teamwork. It’s simply a great way for people to de-stress and have fun with their colleagues. When integrated with a conference, after being the stars of the show participants will be energised and ready for the ensuing conference sessions.

In a nutshell

A fast, fun and inclusive musical activity to energise and unify your team.

Icebreakers & Energisers