Battle at Sea

About This Project

Participants set sail aboard two gullets (a large wooden sailing vessel similar to a schooner). Each boat is home to a team prepared to fight to the death (more or less) in what promises to be a brutal and historic battle: the Pirates versus the Knights. Whilst sailing en route to the battle waters, both crews must prepare their ammunition for the great attack that will take place under the shadows of the mighty cliffs of Comino. Every seaman must assist in this vital task. Each gullet will be equipped with three-man slingshots and a large arsenal of bio-degradable balloons. These catapults are capable of firing objects a distance of over a third of a mile and will be instrumental in deciding the outcome of the battle. When the two vessels finally encounter each other near Comino, the battle begins! The Pirates and Knights must throw water-filled balloons at each other in an attempt to destroy targets placed all over the enemy’s gullet. Both crews must employ slick teamwork and co-ordination, to aim at these targets and destroy them. The first to achieve this goal, will sail home in victory. For the rest, it’s Davey Jones’s locker.

In a nutshell

A massive sea battle is about to take place! Man the top deck! Full sail ahead!