Aerial Ropeway

About This Project

First comes safety. We kit passengers out in a full body harness, with helmet and gloves in our ‘flight check-in zone’. Nothing is overlooked and several systems are in place to ensure that all things are checked and double checked. After a final safety check in the ‘departure lounge’, passengers position themselves overlooking a precipitous 50-metre drop, next to the deep Mediterranean Sea. Fully qualified and experienced instructors, who take on the role of ‘air traffic control’, make final pre-take off checks and wish you a pleasant flight as you step off into thin air. The feeling of flying through the sky, almost weightless, is one which very few people experience. A fun ride for adrenaline junkies, a personal breakthrough for others, this is an activity that reveals so much more than simply flying.

In a nutshell

This activity, popularly known as a zip wire (or Flying Fox) is sure to satisfy all adrenaline lovers or those wishing to push themselves well outside their comfort zone.